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Collector Tethers™ Header Tethers are NHRA, IHRA NMCA, NMRA and PSCA accepted, meeting the Header Tether rule requirements for tethering slip on header collectors for all classes of race cars in drag racing.


- U.S. Patents D718693 / U.S. 975290 B2

Don't be fooled by cheaper designed header tethers. Collector Tethers™ header tethers are the "Original" Patented Design which has become the standard others are imitating.

Our header tethers use a 5/32" Stainless Steel cable and smooth aluminum marking sleeve that won't scratch up your expensive headers unlike others stamped steel tags and include 100% Stainless Steel clamps.  Custom compact designed eyes that certify to 2400lbs are used on our Premium Collector Tethers™

Available in sizes and lengths to fit every primary / collector combination from Heavy Bracket to Pro Stock including applications with mufflers.

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