water filler neck raw aluminum
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Billet Water Filler Neck by Drag Race Solutions

Our Raw Billet Aluminum Water Filler Necks are machined with a -12AN female straight o-ring port in the front.  This allows for use of the size fitting of choice for your application.  Fittings are sold separately for this reason. -12, -10 and -08 fittings available.

The Raw finish has been tumble polished and presents very nicely as is or begins a very nice foundation for coating yourself with the application of your choice, whether it be powder coating, painting or plating.

Racers ourselves, We spent a tremendous amount of time making sure of the fit for the radiator cap, insuring the pressue seal and locking mechanism work as well as possible for extreme racing conditions.

Our Billet one-piece designed top expansion portion is unique to the industry and bolts to the base plate with an o-ring seal by 4 provided stainless steel cap screws.  1/4" push lock overflow fitting also provided.


  • Item #: 3300-001R

Billet Water Filler Necks - Raw Aluminum

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