Just-N-Time XL adjustable TransBrake Button
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The "Original" Just-N-Time Buttonwas released in 2014 and is now part of hundreds of final round victories, big money event wins, Divisional Titles and National Championships.

With 4 years of suggestions, ideas and recognized improvements, the XL button has been developed.  Noticeable changes are the more reliable heavy duty micro switch, the spring mounting position moved to the top of the button with a no drag trough designed spring guide and the overall larger size of the button which allows the larger micro switch and more mounting holes.  Springs & Spacers are the same as used on the "orignal" button.

  • Button Dimension is slightly larger as noted below
  • Width of Button Housing is 1" compared to .750 for the original
  • Overall Button Housing is 3.5" long x 2.325 tall compared to 2.95 long x 1.75 tall on original 
  • Overall Lenght of Button is 7" which is 1/2" longer than original

The Just-N-Time XL Button™ Maximum Adjustability Transbrake Button is already NHRA Accepted for all classes just like the "original" Just-N-Time Button, with the latest state of the art in design and materials.

The Just-N-Time XL Button™ has also been tested on our electronic test bench and includes a spread sheet providing you with over 100 button release speeds accurate to + / - .002, making your adjustable selection that simple. ** Please Note ** The chart provided is NOT the same as the original button chart.

The Just-N-Time XL Button™  also has an adjustability range of approximately .080 in reaction time within itself and provides over .100 in slower reaction time over the fastest buttons on the market.

The button body and the activating shaft of the Just-N-Time XL Button is produced from an extremely high quality plastic which is temperature stable from -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating any possible clearance and activation variables.

Each Just-N-Time XL Button comes with the 6 springs, multiple spacers and a spare spring retention bolt and stand, all of which can be stored right in your race car in the provided case for quick adjustability right in the staging lanes.  The Just-N-Time XL Button is Made in American and the small-ware parts are stainless steel, showcasing the quality put into this product.

The Just-N-Time Buttonis a product of Collector Tethersand is now available for purchase.


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Just-N-Time XL Button™ - Transbrake Button

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